SPARR does NOT accept the use of a Debit/Check card at this location.
The renters Credit Card will be authorized for the estimated rental total plus 20 percent with a minimum of CAD

200.00 For cars and CAD 400.00 for trucks, whichever amount is greater at the time of rental.
Unlimited km rates, when available, are for Canada only. Vehicles driven into USA will receive

150 km/day and CAD 0.16 each additional km for the entire rental. Vehicles are not permitted to travel into Mexico.
*** Any customer that does not provide a valid airline and flight number at the time of booking,

May experience a delay in receipt of their vehicle of up to 2 hours due to the physical constraints of the airport configuration.
 Any Adjustments or Changes to the reservation may result in a change of rate.
* Renter must be 21 years of age or older with a Sparrcard and drivers license in own name.
* Renters must be 25 years or older to rent the Premium, Luxury and Convertible cars, Mini Vans,

Intermediate, Standard and Full Size 4 Wheel Drives and Special Pick Up Trucks.
* Renters between 21 and 24 years of age are subject to a CAD 25.00/day surcharge.

* Additional Renters Including Spouse are subject to a CAD 10.00/day surcharge.
** Renters may be required to provide a current airline boarding pass upon request.
Premium Location Charge (PLC)- 14.60 percent. Goods and Service Tax (HST)- 6 percent. Provincial Sales Tax (PST)- 8 percent.
* Fuel Conservation Tax - CAD .40/day. * Vehicle Licensing and Air Tax Recovery Fee (VLA) - CAD 1.84/day.
* LDW - CAD 24.99/day to CAD 28.99/day optional. Reduces renter’s financial responsibility for the Thrifty vehicle to zero.
* Personal Passenger Protection (PPP) - CAD 5.99 per day Optional.

* Safe Trip Package (LDW & PPP) CSF - CAD 30.98 to CAD 34.98 per day - Optional.
* Third Party Primary Liability is included in the rental rate.
* Vehicles are rented with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank of fuel to avoid a locally determined refuelling charge.

Products & Services

 The charges for the optional products and services listed above are included only for the purpose of providing you a cost of the rental if you should choose to select such options. Selecting optional products and services as part of the reservation process is not intended to be a contract by SPARRTOURS INC to provide you such products and services unless and until you have selected such products and services at the time of rental and have signed the rental agreement.

Quick Links

For your future travels, Rates and vehicle availability can be obtained through our Reservations Center by calling

1-855-21-SPARR within the Canada and United States or 1-416-888-5935 outside the United States and Canada, or via our web site at Or by contacting your local Travel Agent. Thank you for doing business with SPARRCARS RENTAL CARS.

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